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BLOG: Gantry Plaza State Park, A Green Gem in Long Island City
BLOG: Gantry Plaza State Park, A Green Gem in Long Island City
BLOG: Gantry Plaza State Park, A Green Gem in Long Island City

Nothing refreshes and invigorates mind, body, and soul like a day in the park. Good news, then, that Gantry Plaza State Park lies a short walk away from the Long Island City condos at CORTE. Whether you’re looking to put in a worthy exercise session, are after a quality bite to eat, or simply need to take the pooch for a walk, this waterside oasis has you covered. Let’s put on our sneakers and take a tour.

Drink in the Views, Breathe in the Fresh Air

Gaze at the Manhattan skyline as if it were a vividly detailed landscape painting from the comfort of Gantry Plaza State Park. Carefully manicured borders meet stylishly decked lookout points in this 12-acre riverside gem. It might be a peaceful oasis, but the park references its industrial maritime heritage. The gantries have been splendidly renovated as monuments to Long Island, while four piers allow you to stroll out over the East River, and breathe in the fresh air. In the summer months, outdoor concerts soundtrack the scene.

Waterfront Dining and Drinking

This area of the LIC waterfront is studded with exceptional drinking and dining options. Indulge in a large hot chocolate and a strawberry crunch churro from the LIC Landing cafe. Dine on lobster and crab tequeños, filet mignon, and wild mushroom flatbread with truffle ricotta at Blend on the Water — the views here are as tasty as the dishes. Or, do brunch at Sweetleaf, noted for their excellent huevos rancheros and savory smoked salmon toast with cream cheese and capers.

Introducing Hunter’s Point South Park

Fresh green spaces are popping up everywhere around LIC. The newest addition is Hunter’s Point South Park — a waterfront garden adjoining Gantry Plaza State Park that’s peppered with fun things for everyone. You’ll find playgrounds, picnic areas, and a dog run for your furry friends. It’s a wonderful setting for whiling away a languorous Sunday afternoon, sipping chilled drinks and marveling at NYC’s high-rises from a specially created 30-foot-high cantilevered platform. For those with the urge to be active, there are bicycle pathways and a kayak launch. Even better news: Hunter’s Point South Park has recently been under development, and a new extension is now open.

A Ferry Jaunt Over to Manhattan

Ditch the car and the subway — the best way to get from Long Island City to Manhattan is by a swift ferry hop across the East River. Board at Hunter’s Point South Park, and in no time you’ll be zipping over the water into the city. Whether you’re looking to arrive for a night out in style or this happens to be your daily commute, there’s no journey quite as relaxed as a stroll through a stunning park followed by a picturesque boat trip.

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