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BLOG: The Joy of Simplicity
BLOG: The Joy of Simplicity
BLOG: The Joy of Simplicity

What makes for the ideal modern urban dwelling? In an ideal world, it would be a place that provides space and light; peace and privacy; style and comfort; ease of life. At the same time, it should offer recreation and excitement just moments from the doorstep. CORTE unquestionably meets all of these requirements, often thanks to simple touches, rather than the extravagant and ostentatious. But these particular Long Island City condos also go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the needs of the busy urbanite in 2019. Here's how:

Stunning Design and Smart Use of Space

Many buildings in Long Island City might be accused of being anonymous and simple. Not so CORTE. This is one of those architectural designs that takes your breath away the moment you encounter it — a bonus for anyone who likes to flaunt their artistic home to envious colleagues. Co-designed by the lauded architectural firms of Dieguez Fridman and Beyer Blinder Belle, these new condos take their inspiration from the low-rise architecture of Buenos Aires. The stacked, asymmetrical glass boxes that make up the building’s structure, stunning as they may be, are more than just an aesthetic joy to behold. The way in which they're positioned allows for generous amounts of space and privacy for each inhabitant. Many of the condominiums come with private outdoor spaces, perfect for a quiet read or a tranquil nightcap — a rare delight for city living.

Let There Be Light

It isn't only space that those stacked glass boxes provide. While the demands of contemporary living can sometimes squeeze residents into darker, more artificially lit developments than they would like, CORTE's 85 luxury apartments are flush with grand floor-to-ceiling windows that usher in floods of natural light while gently tinting and softening it. What better way to bring out the clean, modern lines of the spaces within. Another simple, but effective, touch.

Classy Finishes

A condominium needn't be dripping in golden accents and luxe details to suggest “class.” Indeed, today's contemporary urban dweller prefers the simplicity of a condominium that is practical and beautiful without too much of a fuss. Simple sophistication is everywhere you look: from the open-plan living area and dining room, which hint at understated mid-century modern glamour, to the quality hardwood floors and marble kitchen island. And it all works magnificently together. Whether it's cooking breakfast while watching the morning news, or having friends over for cocktails or dinner, the space is uncrowded, elegant, and comfortable —  a perfectly appointed sanctuary in the city.

Choices at Your Doorstep

Those who live in the bustling environment of LIC and its surrounds tend to work hard and often play (and relax) even harder. CORTE offers residents an almost overwhelming assortment of choices for rest and recreation. There is a fitness center for pumping iron, a lounge for kicking back with your neighbors, a common roof deck for catching summer rays — even a pet wash room for the benefit of your furry best friend. And that's just within the building’s shimmering glass-curtain walls. Step outside into Long Island City itself, and be impressed by the profusion of galleries, eateries, parks, and, of course, the stimulating mix of local culture. And if more is desired, there are a number of speedy transport links into Manhattan. Now that's what we call a contemporary urban dwelling place.

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