21-30 44th Drive
L.I.C, NY. 11217
BLOG: Behind the Partnership
BLOG: Behind the Partnership
BLOG: Behind the Partnership

As Long Island City condos go, CORTE is quite special. With its clean lines, refined material palette, and chic contextual stone base, the contemporary design presents itself similar to stacked boxes wrapped in a tinted glass curtain, making it an instant architectural icon on the LIC horizon. But there’s more to these condos than just a recognizable façade. This is also a place that manifests practicality and community spirit. Of course, it takes finely tuned creative minds to dream up a success story like this — and in the case of CORTE there are two architects of record: Dieguez Fridman and Beyer Blinder Belle. Here, we explore what these two firms have achieved in the past, and how they merged to make CORTE the covetable luxury condo that it is.

Dieguez Fridman

Founded in Argentina in 2000 by Tristán Dieguez and Axel Fridman, the multi-award-winning Dieguez Fridman have gone on to make their mark across the world. Sometimes their creations begin with mid-century motifs and become something utterly contemporary. Take the all-glass design of Albany Marinas in the Bahamas — a bold nod to the 1950s, but with 21st century overtones. This generously spaced, natural-light, and welcoming design was a direct influence on the condos for sale at CORTE. In search of new synthesis, Dieguez Fridman will often pair polished and reflective industrial materials, such as glass and steel, with the rough surfaces of exposed concrete and wood. Daring yet dashing shapes and an innovative use of space are other signatures of the Dieguez Fridman style: Treat yourself to a view of the deliciously angled Huaxi Guiyang new Urban Center in Guiyang, China.

Beyer Blinder Belle

The story starts in 1968, when John H. Beyer, Richard Blinder, and John Belle founded Beyer Blinder Belle — an architectural firm with a conscience. In their own words, “The firm’s founding ethos focused on the social integrity of communities and institutions as a means to better the daily life of people.” Beyer Blinder Belle remain faithful to this idea. Indeed, you may have admired their community work without even realising it. They’ve overseen major projects at Grand Central Terminal in NYC, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Harvard University, and countless others. Their residential reputation is impeccable, too. Beyer Blinder Belle is responsible for The Hepburn, a bold, modern luxury apartment building in Washington, D.C. And right here in NYC you can take in the triple atrium the firm dreamed up for the 100 Eleventh Avenue condominium tower and see the mixed-use modern contemporary take on Tribeca building that is 34 Leonard Street. It is fair to say wherever they go, Beyer Blinder Belle have the Midas touch.

Two Great Minds Together...

CORTE offers up something unique to the potential buyer. Dieguez Fridman’s “jewel box-style” units give residents ample space and incredible views of Long Island City, Manhattan, and beyond. The combination of sheer angles and glass with soft verdant touches is pure Dieguez Fridman. The low-rise architecture — rare in today’s luxury housing market — offers a stylish, yet homey feel. As a spokesperson for CORTE says, “We were determined to create a one-of-a-kind luxury living experience in Long Island City, without compromising New York City views and a close community feel.” And the community-creating aspect of Beyer Blinder Belle’s work can be felt throughout the building: from the ground floor viewing garden to the common roof deck with outdoor kitchen to the children’s playroom to the residents lounge. CORTE is a work of art that you can not only live in, but coexist in happily with your fellow Long Island City residents.

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